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Vocabula 2

Collegiate 7th grade Latin

socius companion / acquaintance
magister, magistri teacher
populos people
imperator, imperatoris general
gens, gentis race / clan / family
adulescens, adulescentis youth
nepos, nepotis grandson / descendant
heres, heredis heir "in heart"
inter between / among
interim meanwhile / meantime
contidie everyday
ubique everywhere
infra below / under
contra against
intra inside / within
ultra beyond
penuria extreme poverty
copia supply / plenty
epistula letter
balaena whale
porcus pig
vacca cow
equus horse
avis bird
leo lion
canis dog
feles, felis cat
aquila eagle
apis bee
accipiter hawk
pullus chicken
lupus wolf
formica ant
ursus bear
cancer crab
aranea spider
musca fly
rana frog
Created by: JasmineHarper