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novel vocab cay

vocab for the cay

solem,sad,critical gravely
caused to lose hope:discouraged; depressed disheartened
rebellion against authority mutiny
having great size or weight massive
sharp or violent twist, turn or pull wrenching
suddenly rolled or swayed to one side; staggered lurched
part of the body including the hip, buttocks, upper thigh haunches
lox island of white sand and coral fragments, built up on a reef cay
complete loss of hope despair
certain; safe; not exposed to danger secured
openly or boldly resisting defiantly
searched blindly with hands groped
fine articles in the air causing confusion or unclear sight haze
administering repeated blows; to defeat completely thrashing
violent or uncontrollable anger rage
suddenly; unexpected abruptly
to cooperate secretly conniving
anything received from an ancestor or predecessor legacy
carefully; timidly gingerly
a continuous, low, humming sound drone
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