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Latin voc. 4

si if
dies day
caldius warm
in silvam into the woods
ibi there
rivus stream
frigidus cool, cold
errant wander
prope near
vult wishes, wants
ignavus cowardly, lazy
respondet replies
neque...neque... neither...nor...
temerarius rash, reckless, bold
lupus wolf
perterritus terrified
statim immediately
Ferte auxilium! Bring help!
ubi where, when
clamor shout, shouting
ad puellas towards the girls
eos them
petit looks for, seeks
arripit grabs hold of, snatches
repellit drives off
e silva out of the woods
salvae safe
adveniunt reach, arrive at
excipiunt welcome
adhuc still
timet fears, is afraid
Created by: lapplebey