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68wm6 p2 care of ost

Care of the Ostomy Patient

What illeostomy procedure eliminates the need for an external pouch over the stoma? Continent illeostomy- kocks pouch
What is a conventional illeostomy? Illeostomy where the entire colon and rectum has been removed.
What is a continent illeostomy (Kocks pouch)? Ileostomy has an internal reservoir created by suturing loops of adjacent ileum together to form a pouch-like structure (called a Kock Pouch). Stool can be suctioned by intermittent insertion of a catheter through the stoma into the reservoir
What is an Illeoanal reservoir? anus and anal sphincter left in place while the diseased portion of the bowel is removed. 1st phase the PT has a stoma, 2nd phase healthy bowels are reattached and normal waste function resumes.
Where is the stoma generally located in an illeostomy? Lower Right Quadrant
What is done in a temporary illeostomy? Diseased portion of bowels is removed and the non-diseased portion is re-anastomosed
How long after the 1st stage of an ileoanal reservoir is the 2nd stage started? 2 to 3 months later
What is a colostomy? Opening between colon and abdominal wall
When is a temporary colostomy done? when the intestine needs time to repair itself following the inflammatory disease, after some types of intestinal surgery or following injury
When is a permanent colostomy done? placed when there is a debilitating intestinal disease or cancer requiring removal of the colon and rectum (resection)
What is the difference between a single barrel colostomy and a double barrel colostomy? Single barrel has one stome, while double barrel has two.
Where are double barrel colostomies performed the most? The double barrel colostomy is performed most often along the transverse section of the large intestine
What are temporaroy colostomies? Loop colostomy and double barrel colostomy
What kind of colostomy is considered a permanent colostomy? Single barrel
What is the fecal evacuation of an ileostomy? material discharged is liquid to semi liquid and contains digestive enzymes. There is no bowel regulation.
What is the fecal evacuation of an ascending colostomy? fecal material is liquid to semi liquid requiring frequent emptying to keep the patient dry and to control odor
What is the fecal evacuation of a transverse colostomy? fecal material is semi formed. This location of the stoma is more manageable when irrigated daily to reduce the number of bowel movements and to help eliminate odor.
What is the fecal evacuation of a descending colostomy? semi-formed to formed
What is the fecal evacuation of a sigmoid colostomy? fecal material is formed. Stool that is semi-solid is more manageable than a liquid stool. A scheduled daily irrigation can establish regularity and help the patient achieve control.
in post-op care of PT who received a stoma, what is the focus? protecting the skin, appliance selection and psychological needs
What should the color of a normal stoma be? Pink or red
What do you use to clean a stoma? What dont you use? Use soap and water. Dont use alchohol.
What can be done if the stoma is obstructed? Dilating the stoma
What deodorizes feces? Chlorophyll
What should not be done to an ostomy patients fluid regime Do NOT restrict fluids.
What type of medications should an ostomy PT avoid? Enteric coated medications
What determines the content of an ostomy PTs feces? The location of the ostomy
What does a dusky blue stoma indicate? Ischemia
What does a brown-black stoma indicate? Necrosis
What is a normal finding after cleaning of a stoma? Slight bleeding (Caring of the PT with an illeostomy/colostomy slide 50)
How long after surgery will the swelling of the stoma last? 2 - 3 weeks
What should be applied to the stoma after each cleansing? A skin barrier
Created by: Shanejqb