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NatRes+Law Test1 P

Practice for the first natural resources and the law test at fleming college

Do not steal. A Law: Set of rules of conduct, established by the government.
A two drink minamum. A Rule: A guideline established by the proprietor of the establishment.
Keep order, reflects societal values, protects people, basis for dispute settlement and reduse possible conflict. Functions of the law.
What is the code of Hammurabi? The oldest recorded written law.
How old is the code of Hammurabi? 3800 years old.
What is Mosaic Law? The Ten Commandments
When where the first Game Laws under the name of the Forest Laws made? Middle Ages
What dose the forest law say about what months u cant hunt deer in? No hunting deer in any month that dose not Contain the letter R. (Witch are May, June, July and August.)
Not preservation, using resources to be sustainable over time. People can only take what is to a sustainable limit. Function of Natural Resource Laws Conservation.
Deciding who gets what share of the resources. Function of Natural Resource Laws Allocation.
Wearing hunter orange in the bush. Function of Natural Resource Laws Safety.
Licensing systems help goverments generate revenue, fines help too. Function of Natural Resource Laws Revenue.
You cannot hunt large game like deer or moose while it is swimming. Function of Natural Resource Laws Ethics.
Enacted by parlament/ legislature,Acts/ Bills. Process in Law; Royal Assent makes a law a law. Statutes
Easier to change; more flexible. Made under the authority of a statute. Same penalty as an Act. can be passed/ changedquickly, as little as 6 months. Regulations
Influential on what happons in courts. Ccourt Decisions based on three levels of higher courts. Provides precedent and consistency. Case Law
Baced on english common law. Eg. right of self-defence. Traditional rights and freedoms. Principle of "stare decicis"; stand by the decision. Common Law
"Private" law; not charged with an offence; it is a dispote between individuals. Civil Laws
Must be consistent with and reflect the Canadian Constitution. Laws
who makes case law? Courts
who makes regulations? LGIC or Minister
who makes statue law [Acts]? Parliament or Legiislature
Consensus Laws Everyone agrees eg. Murder laws
Conflict Laws Not everyone agrees eg. Smoking Laws
After Royal assent, Bills become? Statutes
AIP means? Deputy takes idea to minister for support
Shall means you HAVE TO
Shall not means you CANNOT
Created by: Karubin