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sun ni, nichi, pi, hi
book, origin hon, pon, moto counter: bon
big, great dai
ahead, priority, earlier, future, destination sen, saki
birth, life, to be born (as a suffix) student sei, u
one ichi items: hitotsu
two ni items: futatsu
language go
six roku items: muttsu
seven shichi, nana items: nanatsu
eight hachi, ha items: yattsu
four shi, yon items: yottsu
person shito, hito, jin
speak, conversation, story ha, hana
100 hyaku
10 juu, to items: juu
9 ku, kyuu items: kokonotsu
3 san item: mittsu
moon, month getsu, gatsu
name, fame, reputation na, me
study, learning, science, -ology gaku,
what nan, nani
year, age toshi, nen
5 go items: itsutsu
学年 がくねん academic year
学こう がっこう school
学生 がくせい student
名まい なまい name
何年生 なねんせい what year student
何月生まれ what month were you born なんげつうまれ
先生 せんせい teacher
話ます はなします speak
何語 なにご what language
日本語 にほんご Japanese language
えい語 えいご English language
大学 だいがく university
Created by: ens