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Met.biochem L7

Better Antibiotics

What do antibiotics do? -affect protein synthesis -interact W cell membrane -useful for ones that target bacteria wall
what antibiotic targets bacteria wall? -penicillin
Effects of penicillin -bacteria osmotically unstable -lyse
Park nucleotides -UDP W NAMA(short peptide) & NAG
UTP -carrier of glycopeptides -form rigid wall of bacteria
Bands of polysaccharides -B1-4linkages -btwn NAMA & NAG in 1 direction
Peptidoglycan -rigid wall formed to prevent swelling/shrinking
penicillin on bacteria -transpeptidase inhibitor -blocks formation of X-links
B-lactam bond -structural analogue of D-ala bond -in penicillin
Co-existence of B-lactams & B-lactamases... -indicates evolution of microorganisms which seek to secure own ecological niches against competitors
Vancomycin -prevents hydrolsis & X-linking -attaches to D-ala -favoured->resistant strains are rare
Resistant transfer (Via sex-pilus) -bacteria have plasmid with resistance -transferred readily
Nucleotide analogues -deficient nucleic acid -inhibit polymerases -effect R/DNA prod.
intercalating compounds -stabilise helix -harder to separate for DNA replication
Erythromycin -translocation -tetracycline -Blocks site A
Chloramphenicol -peptidyl transferase -forms bonds between aa at A&P site
Mitochondrial ribosomes -antibiotics effect these -anaemia first sign
Created by: meglet