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ATI pharm cards I

common drugs possibly on the NCLEX test

antipsychotic; extrapyramidal side effects; adverse effects: neuroleptic malignant syndrome HALOPERIDOL
May be given with a positive PPD; adds color to secretions; liver toxic; no ETOH RIFAMPIN
Used in type II DM to help carry glucose into cells, may cause lactic acidosis so no DC prior to tests wtih contrast; no ETOH GLUCOPHAGE
Replacement therapy for myxedema; teach not to d/c without medical advice; increases HR so give in AM SYNTHROID
Uterine muscle stimulant; contraction greater than 90sec or <2 min apart; late decelerations; stop infusion PITOCIN
GI stimulant used in GERD/NV, post-op and chemo REGLAN
antitypical antipsychotics medication used in the treatment of schizophrenia; shown to cause agranulocytosis and requires weekly blood monitoring CLOZARIL
give regular IV, allows glucose molecules to cross the cell membrane; clear to cloudy; rotate sites INSULIN
decreases production of CHO; AKA statins, check liver enzymes, no grapefruit LIPITOR
Decreases pain/preload,watch respirations, PE to decrease HR/RR, decreased ox demand during MI MORPHINE
Loop diuretic that washes out K and Mg LASIX
Antifungal drug associated with serious acute infusion reactions; nephrotoxic and hepatoxic; dig toxicity and risk of increased K+ AMPHOTERICIN
Give after meals in PUD; watch Na content in some formulas; aluminum=constipation, magnesium=diarrhea ANTACIDS
Immunization with doses at 12-15 months then again at 4-6 years MMR
Originally developed for the treatment of epilepsy; widely used to treat neuropathic pain; no antacids for 2 hours; do not stop abruptly NEURONTIN
B Vaccine given at birth, 1-2 months, 6-18 months; contraindicated with allergy to bakers yeast HEPATITIS
Common OTC drug, teach to take with food, antiinflammatory, pain, pyretic, platelet,risk for Reyes syndrom in children ASPIRIN
Antiarrhythmic agent used for tachy-arrhythmias; recurrent ventricular or SVT in origin AMIODARONE
Created by: xraynurse