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drugs #171-180

Drugs #171-180

famotidine Pepcid/ Histamine H2 inhibitor/ treatment of hyper-acidity or gerd
butalbital+APAP+caffeine Fioricet/ Barbituate+Analgesic+EGS stimulate/ Treats migraine headaches or mild pain
finasteride Propecia/ alpha reductase inhibitor/ BPH Male pattern baldness
ferrous sulfate Feosol/ iron supplement/ iron deficiency anemia
ibandronate sodium Boniva/ bi-phosphate/ prevention and treatment of osteoporosis due to menopause
terazosin HCI Hytrin/ alpha-receptor antagonist/ treatment of hypertension
glyburide+metformin Glucovance/ oral hypo-glycemic combo/ treatment of type II diabetes
oxycodone HCI+APAP Roxicet/ narcotic analgesic+non narcotic analgesic/ treatment of mild -moderate pain
mega-3 acid ethyl ester Lovaza/ antileptic/ lowers triglycerides/ prevents HA and strokes
risedronate sodium Actonel/ biphophanate/ prevents and treats osteoporosis due to menopause
Created by: chino