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Pediatrics Test 2

Stressors of hospitilazation fear and anxiety, separation anxiety, loss of control
Separation anxiety:: from 6 months-preschool age
Response to stressors of hospitialization ?
Infant fears: separation
Preschooler fears Pain mutilate, separate punishment terms. they understand give into procesure
School aged child Protest, despair, detatchment
adolesent fears injury and pain. Want to be cool, not different. Give them info a week in advance. Independence, effect on body.
Factors affecting childrens reaction to hospitalization separation from parents, developmental abilities and perceptions, previous experiences, recent stress, changes, coping skills, parental response to the situation
Nurses role: Prepare children and families for hospitalization. Admit the child to the fascility
Nurses role cont. Prepare the child and family for surgery, maintain safety during hospitalization
Safety: Preschooler Be in low position, parent/caregiver in room at ALL times, watch for small objects, watch terminology, keep routines, expect aggressive reactions
Safety: school age Keep bed low, this is NOT a punishment, involve in care, assist, visits are good, keep routine, do homework.
safety: adolescents be aware of wherabouts, interact with others, alter routines to allow teen to sleep late, stay up late, visit from friends, be honest, allow choices for times of treatment
Stomach Ph less than 6, clear, tan, green
intestines ph greater than 6, yellow or bile
rolling head from side to side and pulling on ear mean that the child is possibly having ear pain
Created by: aldalton