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connective tissue

mostly non-living extracellular matrix characteristic of connective tissue
ground substance (matrix) - unstructured material that fills the space between the cells and contains the fibers composed of interstitial fluid, cell adhesion (glue) proteins and proteoglycans (protein core with glycosaminoglycans attached) characteristic of connective tissue
3 types of fibers what are they? elastic fibers, reticular fibers, and collagen fibers.
tough, high tensile strength, white fibers, cross linked bundles collagen fibers
fine collagenous fibers, extensive branching, surround blood vessels and support soft organ tissues reticular fibers
long, thin, form branching networks, stretch and recoil because of elastin, yellow fibers elastic fibers
types of cells in matrix composition clasts,blasts,& cytes
are cells that breakdown the matrix clasts
are immature cells that are actively mitotic and secrete the ground substances and fibers blasts
mature cells are less active; They maintain health of the matrix cytes
connective tissue proper = fibroblast, fibrocyte cartilage = chondroblast, chondrocyte bone = osteoblast, osteocyte, osteoclast blood = hematopoietic stem cell the types of cells that go to each connective tissue
Other cells in the connective tissue are? white blood cells, plasma cells, fat cells, mast cells, and macrophages
Plasma Cells – make antibodies Mast Cells – inflammatory response Macrophages – engulf foreign particles types of cells
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