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Met.biochem L3

Folic acid & sulphonamides

Folate deficiency -poor diet habits -impaired abs. or met. -incr during pregnancy
Source of folate -citrus -fresh veges -not meat, eggs or dairy
folate deficiency symptoms... -anaemia (R&WBC dev. inhibited) -effects DNA synthesis -macrocyte,megablastic
lack of folate during pregnancy -anencephaly -spinabifida -require more folate
Folic acid -B9 -active co-factors derived important in C1 transfer rxns
5 C1 transfer rxns (1)serine&glycine (2)tryptophan (3)dUMP-->dTMP (4)making purines (5)histidine
Sulphonamides a structural.. -analogue of (p-aminobenoic acid) PABA in folate -more active in antibacterials
Sulphanimides... -compete with PABA -effect normal met. of folate -ability to make nucleotides & nucleic acids -humans don't make folate & aren't effected
Folate reductase -convert folate -->Di--Trihydrofolate
Trimethoprim -inhibits folate reductase -antibacterial compound
methotrexate - inhibits folate reductase -anticancer -effects human enzyme
nucleotides -nucleotide analogues inhibit RNA & DNA synthesis
B12 deficiency symptoms -similar to folate -nuerological(failure to form lipid sheath) , intestinal & hematopoietic symptoms
B12 sources -whole milk, eggs, oyster, shrimp, pork, chicken
B12 deficiency *intrinsic factor -B12 complex W intrinsic factor -actively transported -IF needed for transport
Pernicous anemia -malasorption leading to deficiency in B12 -injected into blood -intestinal, nuerological & hematopoietic
Created by: meglet