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Met.biochem L1

Worst topic EVER

3 types of macronutrients -carbs -proteins -lipids
ingest most carbs as ________, but also _________ -starch from plants -animal glycogen
oral cavity secretes.... -salivary amylase
Pancreas secretes.... -amylase -&isomaltase
Oliglosaccharides in *starch *milk *plants sources -maltose -lactose -sucrose
Carb. met. 3 types -glycolysis -gluconeogenesis -TCA cycle
carbs are absorbed as? Disaccharide's
What do brush border cells do? -absorb disaccharides -large SA -lots of transporters
Amylase Fn. & where is it found? -cleaves a1-6 glycosidic bonds -pancreatic & salivary
Isomaltase Fn & location? -cleaves a1-4glycosidic bonds -pancreatic
Cellulose digestion in humans? -can't degrade -B1-4glycosidic links -dietary fibre
lactose intolerance -no lactase enzyme -not hydrolysed
Galactosaemia -can't hydrolyse galactose
Fructose metabolism -by fructosekinase -bypass phosphofructosekinase -unregulated
Co-enzyme/factors are... small molecules that participate in catalytic activity of enzymes -unchanged & recylced -have to be in diet
Adenosine triphosphate -high E -hydrolysis-->ADP & Energy
Pellagra -deficient in tryptophan -dementia, death, diarrhea,photosensitive dermatitis
UTP -polysaccharide synthesis
CTP -phospholipid synthesis
ATP -protein synthesis
Created by: meglet