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Irregular Verbs II

Irregular verbs List II

to hear heard heard Oir
to hide hid hid Ocultar
to hit hit hit Pegar
to learn learnt learnt Aprender
to leave left left Partir
to let let let Permitir
to make made made Hacer
to melt melted molten Derretir
to pay paid paid Pagar
to put put put Poner
to read read read Leer
to say said said Decir
to see saw seen Ver
to sell sold sold Vender
to send sent sent Enviar
to shake shook shaken Sacudir/Lanzar/Agitar
to show showed shown Mostrar/Exibir/Probar/Demostrar
to sink sank sunk Hundir/Sumergir
to sit sat sat Sentarse/Reunirse
to smell smell smell Oler/Percibir
to spend spent spent Gastar/Consumir
to steal stole stolen Robar/Escabullirse
to swim swam swum Nadar/Flotar
to think thought thought Pensar/Creer
to throw threw thrown Lanzar/Tirar/Arrojar
to understand understood understood Comprender
to wake woke woke(n) Despertar/Excitar
to wear wore worn Gastar(se)/Consumirse
to hang hung hung Colgar
to have/has had had Tener
Created by: IoFran