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Force and Energy

Differences between the two and examples, etc.

What's the difference between the independent and dependent variable? What changes on purpose vs. What changes as a result of the other variable.
What's the constant? Conditions that are the same for each trial in an experiment.
What is the definition of Elastic Force? A force produced from stretched or compressed elastic material. The more stretch length, the more force. Has a linear relationship. Factors that affect elastic force would be material and distance.
What is the definition of force? A push or pull, can act in any or all directions. Unbalanced forces can result in the movement of objects. It is commonly measured by spring scales in pounds or Newtons.
What are the three types of friction, explain each of them? Static- Objects that are not moving,needs to be over come to get an object to move. Kinetic- Objects that are moving, is always less than static friction. Rolling- Has the least amount of friction you can have.
What is the definition of friction? A force that acts to reduce slipping between two objects. It opposes motion, changing it to heat. It depends on weight of the object and surfaces in contact. Can be harmful and helpful.
What's a hypothesis? An educated guess, or a testable question. Also, it can be an "if....then" statement.
What's the definition of energy? The ability to do work, to make things move, makes things go, run or happen.
What is Gravitational Potential Energy? The stored energy in an object due to its position, relative to the surface of the Earth. GPE=mgh. A ball has a ton of GPE at the top of a hill. Affected b mass and height.
What is the definition of work? When a force moves an object a measureable distance. Work depends on force and distance. W= f X d. The transfer of energy is called work. Also, when force changes the motion of things. Work is needed to figure out the power.
What are the main mechanical forces? tension- pulling apart compression- squeezing together torsion- rotating bending- flexing material shearing- two objects sliding past each other
What is Elastic Energy? The energy stored in a stretchable or compressed elastic material. Two factors that this energy depends on would be material and distance. The factor with the greatest affect would be the distance.
What is the definition of energy transfer? The transferring of one type of energy from one object to another, also called work. For example, if a moving car crashed into a nonmoving car. The total energy will equal the same in the beginning and the end.
What is Kinetic Energy? The energy of an object in motion. The unit is Jules. It is affected by mass and speed, the more mass/speed the more KE. Speed has the most affect on KE.
What is the definition of natural forces and what are the main types? Forces that are always there. The four main types are: Gravity Magnetism Electrostatic Nuclear *the strongest force*
What's the definition of control? The trial that has all normal or standard conditions that will be used to compare all results in an experiment.
What is the definition of power? The rate at which energy is transferred. How fast or slow energy is.
What is the definition of energy transformation? The changing of energy from one form to another. The total amount of energy will always equal the same in the beginning and the end.
What does the Law of Conservation of Energy say? Energy cannot be created. Energy cannot be destroyed. Energy can change forms.
What is the Scientific Method? Steps used to gather information and solve problems.
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