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rebecca scicnce ch7

study guide

the color of the powder lefted behind when you rud a minerl agaist a rough white or a strak plate strak
a minerl abilily to resite being scratched hardness
the way a minerl sureface reflects light luster
a naturally occurring, nonliving solied that has a specific chemical makeup and a repeating structer mineral
u describe a rock waxy luster
according to Moh's hardness scale any mineral ---- on the scale can scachany thing ----- on the scale higher lower
2.5 a finger nail hardness
the proces in which sedament settles act of water or is dropping by wind depossition
rocks the formed when melded rock cools and hardens igneous rock
rock formed with sediments are cemented sedimentary rock
formed by heart and preser metamorphic rock
name three ways u cuold classful igneous rock chrstal size, mineral content, where they were formed
where is a conglomerate rock farmed sedimenty in a river
the proces of moving sediment by wind, moving water or ice erosion
the continus proces change into a diffrent tyrp rock cycle
the proces of weathering away rock natural processes weathering
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