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The Giver Vocabulary

8th grade vocabulary words from the novel, The Giver

nurturer caretaker
transgression a wrong
apprehensive worried
chastise to lecture or verbally discipline
rarity something that almost never occurs
bewilderment confusion
gravitating moving toward something as if pulled by gravity
nuisance something that bothers you
infraction a violation/ breaking of a rule
dosage amount of medicine you should take
buoyancy ability to recover; enthusiasm
exuberant super enthusiastic or excited
exuberant super enthusiastic or excited
exasperated very frustrated
retroactive applying to things from the past
meticulously very carefully with attention to detail
excruciating very painful
excruciating very painful
reeled stumbled (mentally or physically)
reeled stumbled (mentally or physically)
exhilarating thrilling
exhilarating thrilling
deftly skillfully
deftly skillfully
admonition caution or reprimand
mutilated damaged or disfigured
sinuous winding or graceful
writhing twisting
acceleration the act of speeding up
ominous threatening
writhing twisting
ominous threatening
obsolete out of date; old-fashioned
ecstatic beyond thrilled
obsolete out of date; old-fashioned
immobilized unable to move
expertise knowledge
luminous glowing
anguish suffering; agony
empowered full of confidence
chaos without order or plan
chaos without order or plan
efficient well-organized
efficient well-organized
stealthily quietly; secretly
stealthily quietly; secretly
frazzled nervous
emphatically forcefully
predictability ability to be predicted or foretold
methododically in a carefully, planned way
trudged plodded, heavily-walked
lethargy tiredness
agonizingly anxiously; with lots of worry and struggle
Created by: jillcomcowich
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