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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 6

QUINQUE (Latin) five
SEX (Latin) six
SEPTEM (Latin) seven
OCTO (Latin) eight
NOVEM (Latin) nine
DECEM (Latin) ten
CENTUM (Latin) hundred
quinquennial five year period or celebration
quinquagenarian person who is 50-59 years old
quinquesyllable a word of five syllables
sexennial six year period or celebration
sexagenarian a person who is 60-69 years old
sexdigital having six fingers or toes
sexcentenary a 600 year period or celebration
September seventh month in the old Roman calendar
septennial seven year period or celebration
septangle a plane (flat) figure with seven sides and seven angles
septuagenarian a person who is 70-79 years old
October eighth month in the old Roman calendar
octopus eight footed ocean creature
octogenarian a person who is 80-89 years old
octagon figure with eight sides and eight corners or angles
November ninth month in the old Roman calendar
novennial nine year period or celebration
novemdigitate having nine fingers
novendial lasting nine days
December tenth month in the old Roman calendar
decennial tenth anniversary or celebration
decemdentate having ten teeth
decemfoliate having ten leaves
cent one hundredth of a dollar
century a set of one hundred
centimeter one hundredth of a meter
percent number of parts in every hundred: 10 cents is 10 percent of a dollar
Created by: LiseBrinkley