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Explor Lit

The Odyssey Background

Worlds most famous epic poems ______ __________ written by ________ Iliad/Odyssey/Homer
Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey around _______. 1200 BC
Who was Homer? blind poet, didnt exist? woman? legend? wrote Iliad/Odyssey about a great war, Homeros in Greek
"Singer of tales" Mythmaker, rhapsode
Iliad/Odyssey can be traced to real historic struggles for control of what? Waterway leading from the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea
How would Poems be told? Minstrels traveled from one communitie to another singing of recent events
Repetition element epithet
What is the epithet for the goddess Athena? Gray-eyed Athena
Homeric/heroic similes Comparisons of heroic or epic events to simple and easily understandable everyday events
Plot of 1st Epic Poem Iliad-10 year war outside walls of Troy
Cause of Trojan War Sexual Jealousy
2nd Epic poem about.. attempt of one Greek soldier, Odysseus, to get home after the Trojan War
Epic long narrative poems that tell the adventures of heroes who in some way embody values of their civilization
Iliad is the model for the epic of _________ war
Odyssey is the model for the epic of ________ the long journey
2 Words of literature from 20th century that were patterned after the model of THE Odyssey 1Moby-Dick 2The Hobbit
Why was there a war? The Greeks attacked Troy to avenge the insult suffered by Menelaus, King of Sparta, when his wife Helen, ran off with Paris, a young prince of Troy, sexual jealousy
How long was the Trojan WAr 10 years
Who was the famous Greek soldier who was fated to die in the war? Achilles
Who won/why Greeks/ made enormous wooden horse, hit in it, pushed it up to gates of Troy, Trojans took as peace offering & brought in, Greeks came out of horse and fought a victorious battle
Typical hero in Homers Day Special class of aristocrats
Where was Odysseus from? Island-Ithaca
Who is Penelope? Odysseus' faithful wife
Who is Telemachus? Odysseus/Penelope's son
Odysseus' famous act as soldier/commander @ troy Odysseus thought of the famous wooden horse trick that would lead to the downfall of Troy
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