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classical roots 3 an

classsical roots

what is matrix n. the surrounding within which something begins and develops.
what is matriarchy n. society ruled or controlled by women
what is matriculate v. to register as a student at a college or university.
what is patriarch n. the male head of a family or tribe
what is patrimony n. a family inheritance
what is patronage n. support, encouragement
what is patronized v. to go to regularly
what is patronymic n. name derived from a paternal ancestor
what is fraternal adj. pertaining to brothers; brotherly
what is fraternize v. to be friendly with
what is avuncular adj. like an uncle
what is familial adj. having to do with family
what is uxorious adj. dominated by ones wife
what is bigamy n. marriage to two mates
what is monogamy n. marriage to a single mate
what is puerile adj. childish, and immature
what is orthopedics n. branch of medicine treating disorders of the skeletal system and tissues related to movment
what is pedagogue n. a teacher
what is pedant n. a person who pays excessive attention to learning rules rather than to understanding
what is entity n. something that has a real or independent existence
what is nonentity n. a person or thing of no importance
what is essence n. the basic
what is moribund adj. about to die or end
what is mortify v. to shame
what is postmortem n. an examination to determine the cause of death; an autopsy
what is euthanasia n. the act of painlessly killing a suffering person or animal; mercy killing
what is innate adj. possessed at birth; inborn
what is naive adj. childlike;unsophisticated
what is nascent adj. emerging;coming into existence
what is renaissance n. a rebirth;a renewal
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