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Humongous Vocabulary

Science List 1

not or non a or an
needing oxygen or air aero
both, doubly amphi
male part of a flower that produces pollen anther
against anti
joint arthro
earth's air which is made up of a thin layer of gasses solids liquids atmosphere
two twice or double bi
life or living bio
head cephal
green chloro
factor in an experiment that is held constant control
behavoiral process where the adult species try to attact a potential mate courtship
cell cyto
outer or external exo or ecto
internal endo
above epi
ectothermic vertabrates that breath through gills, lay eggs, have scales and fines and live in water fish
forms at the boundry between air masses front
stomach gastro
transfer of thermal energy ex. buring material, sun and electricity heat energy
plants herba
different hetero
ability to maintain stable internal conditions homeostasis
water hydro
side lateral
simple machine that consist of a ridgid rod that pivots or rotates around a fixed point fulcrum
study of logy
large macro
animal with external pouch for the development of its young ex. kangaroo marsupial
middle meso
small micro
movement of animals from one place to another in response to seasonal changes migration
one or single mono
many multi
light photo
foot pod
many poly
procedure used to solve problems and answer questions scientific method
machine that does work with only one movement simple machine
a tool that is used to measure force in newtons spring scale
a male reproductive organ inside a flower of an angio sperm stamen
heat therm
energy from heat thermal energy
tool used for measuring mass triple beam balance
eat or consume troph
atmospheric layer closes to earth's surface where all weather takes place troposphere
animals with backbones vertebrates
forms when lighter, warmer air advances over heavier, colder air warm front
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