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Acrophobia Fear of hights
Androphobia fear of men
Agnosia loss of the ability to recgonize secondary stimuli
Hydrophobia frea of water
Amentia Mental retardation
Amnesia Loss of memory
Aphonia Loss of voice
Autism Preoppucation with your inner thoughts
Catalepsy Person who stays in position they are placed in.
Dementia congnative disfunction
Egomania Preopucation with self
Hyperkinesis Hyperactive
Megalomania Dilusions of grandeur
Necromania Preoccupation with death
Pyromania Preoccupation with fire
Narcolepsy Sleep seizure
Panophobia Feal of all
Paranoia Dillusions of perseuction
schizophrenia Split personality
Chromophobia fear of color
gynephobia Fear of women
Monophobia Fear of being alone
Noctiphobia Fear of night
Acrocyanosis Reynauds Syndrom - Stress turns them blue
Agraphia Inability to write
decebration No brain functino
Dromolepsy Running seizure
neurosis Reality is intact
Psychosis Reality is impared
Prodromal Aura before seizures
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