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Greek Words 1-5

Greek Words Lesson 1-5

Euphony harmony
polygon closed figure, 3 or more sides
geology study of earths crust, rocks, etc.
heliotherapy sun cure
anthropophobiac fear of crowds
monochrome single color
homogeneous same
symmetrical same on opposite parts
pandemic wide-spread
misogynist women hater
perimeter distances around something
chromatic colors
bibliomania book obbsession
bibliomancy madness for books
prognosticate to foretell
cacography bad handwriting
synchronize together; same
hematology study of blood
polytheism belief in many gods
monogram initials
microscopic unable to see with naked eye
macroscopic able to see with naked eye
archaeology study of ancient things
ergophobiac fear of work
anemia loss of red blood cells
sympathy to feel sorry
graphology study of writing
heliophonbia fear of sun
rheostat resisting to electricity
homophone same sounds
phonics teach to read
oligarchy few people ruling
achromatic without color
hemostatic checks bleeding
hemicycle haft circle
megalomaniac metal disorder, delusions of grandeur
endoscope tiny camera
eulogy funeral speech
gynarchy women ruling
heliocentric sun center
orthochromatic sensitive to color
megaphone projection
dynamic physical force or energy
diagnoisis detrimne disease
epidemic large area effected
endemic few people
apathy no emotion
antipathy strong feeling againist
telology study of purpose
isodynamic equal force
gynaeolatry worship women
heterogeneous different
telechronometer accurate clock
bichrome to colors
archaic old
philanthropist charity
genealogy family history
periscope abover and around
static stand; still
telemania meausres; results
demarchy people rule
graphomania writing passion
hemophillia hemmorrages
misanthrope hates women
aphonic without sounds
bibliolatry excess reference to bible
isochronous insync time
anarchy no government
orthophonic intune
hemmorrage excessive bleeding
montheist one god
polyphonic harmony
genesis beginning
cyclometer compass
pathology study of deseases
theocentric god as center
polychrome many colors
heliolater sun worshiper
diarchy two people ruling
cacophony bad sounds
telegraphy art of telegrams
bathometer depth of ocean
haematogenous blood producing
synergistic working together
bibliophile book lover
phonograph record, disc
theology study of god
symphony same or like sounds
analogy similar things
epigram whity peom or saying
pathos pity
chronic long duration or reccurance
agnostic believes impossible to know if god exsists
philology study of lititure
eccentricity odd or whimsical
bibliography history identicication or description of writings
diametrically opposite extremes
eugenics improvements
telepathy communication from one mind to another
orthography the art of writing words
bathos apperance of common place; anitclimax; smart then stupid
apotheosis elevation to divine status
chronicle historical account of events arranged in order
syllogism crafty argument
therapeutics branch of medical science with application of remeades
apostasy renunciation of religious faith
archaism use of diction or style
graphic relation to arts
ecstatic over powering emotion
empathy being able to understand; and feel sorry
encyclical addressed ot all individuals of a group
progeny descendents; children
progenitor ancestor
anachronism error in chronology; misplaced persons or events
telegenic apperance and manner attractived to tv viewers
Created by: taytayhster
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