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Cody Sci.Gr. 7 Ch. 1

What do you call the series of steps used to solve a problem or ask a question? Scientific Method
What is the part of the experiment where no variable is being tested? Control group
Why do we use a control group in an experiment? It is used for comparison
What do you call an educated guess or possible answer to the question or problem? Hypothesis
What is the part of the experimetn that is being tested and contains the variable? Experimental Group
What do you call the amount of space that something occupies or contains? Volume
What do you call the measure of how much matter that makes up an object? Mass
What is the base unit for mass? Gram
What is the base unit for length? Meter
What is the base unit for liquid volume? Liter
What do you call something that needs to be solved or answered? Problem
What do you call something that is changed or tested in an experiment? Variable
What is it called when you study the data from an experiment to look for a patter or relationship? Analyze
What do you call the list of tools needed to complete an experiment? Materials
What part of an experiment is being changed by the scientist doing the experiment? Independent Variable.
After you analyze the data from an experiment you should do what? Draw conclusions
1000 meters is equal to what? kilometer
How many variables should be tested in a controlled experiment? One
What is found when you multiply the lenght and width of an object? Area
What kind of specimens are magnified using an electron microscope? Dead ones
What do you call the measure of an object's surface? Area
What instrument uses short bursts of magnetic field to make images of our bodies? MRI
What instrument is used most often to examine the bones in the body? x-ray
What kind of microscope uses lights and lenses? Compound Light Microscope
What instrument magnifies an object by passing electrons through that object? Transmissing electron microscope
What do you call the instrument that puts together several low dose x-ray images of tissues in our bodies? CT scan
What type of statements are usually stated in an "if...then..." format? Predictions
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