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Nursing 4 Exam 1

NCLEX questions for Endocrine system

a client is brough to the ER in an unresponsive state, & a dx of hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome is made. The nurse would immediately prepare to initiate which of the following anticipated physicians rx's? IV infusion of normal saline
an exteranl insulin pump is prescribed for a pt w/DM and the pt asks the nurse about the functioning of the pump. the nurse bases the response on the info that the pump: gives a mall continous dose of regular insulin subQ and the pt an self-administer a bolus w/an additional dose from the pump before each meal
a client w/ a dx of DKA is being treated in an ER. Which finding would a nurse expect to note as confirming this diagnosis elevated blood glucose level and low plasma bicarbonate level
a nurse teaches a client w/DM about differentiating between hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis.The pt demonstrates an understanding of the teaching by stating that a form of glucose should be taken if which of the following symptoms develop? shakiness
a pt w/DM demonstrates acute anxiety when first admitted for the tx of hyperglycemia. teh appropriate intervention to decrease the clients anxiety is to: convey empathy, trust, and respect toward the client
a nurse provides instructions to a client newly diagnosed with type 1 DM. The nurse recognizes accurate understanding of measures to prevent DKA when the pt states: "I will notify my physician if my blood glucose level is higher than 250 mg/dL"
a pt is admitted to a hospital w/a dx of DKA. the initial blood glucose levels was 950. a continuous IV infusion of regular insulin is initiated, along w/IV rehydration w/NS. the serum glucose level is now 240, the nurse would prepare to admin what? IV fluids containing 5% dextrose
a nurse is monitoring a pt newly diagnosed w/DM for signs of complications. Which of the following, if exhibitede in the client, would indicate hyperglycemia and warrant physician notification? polyuria
a nurse is preparing a plan of care for a pt w/DM who has hyperglycemia. The priority nursing diagnosis would be: deficient fluid volume
a home health nurse visits a pt w/a dx of type 1 DM. the pt relates a hx of vomitting & diarrhea and tells the nurse that no food has been consumed for the last 24 hrs. Which additional statement by the client indicates a need for further teaching? "I need to stop my insulin"
A nurse is caring for a client after hypophysectomy. The nurse notices clear nasal drainage from the clients nostril. Teh initial nursing action would be to? test the drainage for glucose
after several diagnostic tests, a pt is diagnosed w/Diabetes Insipidus. a nurse performs an assessment on the client, knowing which symtom is most indicative of this disorder? polydipsia
a pt is admitted to an ER and a dx of myxedema coma is made. which action would the nurse prepare to carry out initially? maintain a patent airway
a nurse is caring for a client admitted to the ER with DKA. In the acute phase, the priority nursing action is to prepare to: administer regular insulin IV
a pt with type 1 DM calls the nurse to report recurrent episodes of hypoglycemia w/exercising. which statement by th client indicates an inadequate understanding of teh peak action of NPH insulin and exercise? "the best time for me to exercise is mid-late afternoon"
a nurse is completing an assessment on a client who is being admitted for a diagnostic workup for primary hyperparathyroidism. which client complaint would be characteristic of this disorder? polyuria
a nurse is caring for a postop parathyroidectomy pt. which client complaint would indicate that a serious, life threatening complication may be developing, requiring immediate notification of the physician? laryngeal stridor
a client is diagnosed w/pheochromcytoma. a nurse prepares a plan of care for the client; while planning, the nurse understands that pheochromcytoma is a condition that: causes the release of excessive amounts of catecholamines
a nurse is caring for a pt with pheochromocytoma who is scheduled for adrenalectomy. in the preop period, the priortiy nursing action wouldd be to monitor: vital signs
a nurse is performing an assessment on a client with pheochromocytoma. which of the following assessment data would indicate a potential complication associated with this disorder? a heart rate of 90 bpm and irregular
a nursing instructor asks a student to describe the pathophysiology that occurs in cushing's dx. which statemetn by the student indicates an accurate understanding of this disorder? "cushing dx results from an increased pituitary secretion of ACTH(adrenocorticotropic hormone)
a nurse performs a physical assessment on a client w/ type 2 DM. findings include a fbs of 120 mg/dL, temp 101, pulse 88 bpm, resp 22 bpm, bp of 100/72. which finding owuld be of most concern to the nurse? temperature
a nurse is interviewing a client w/type 2 DM. which statement by the client indicates an understanding of the tx for this disorder? "the medications i'm taking help release the insulin I already make"
a nurse is providing d/c instructions to a client who has cushing's syndrome. which client statement indicates that instructions r/t dietary management are understood? "i can eat foods that have a lot of potassium in them"
Created by: jbittner