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Science Facts 1-30

_______ involves using one or more of your senses-sight, hearing, smell and taste Observation
_______ are iterpretations based on observations and prior knowledge Inferences
_______ are the factors that can affect the experiment. Variables
The variable the scientist is changing is called the ______________ _________ Manipulated Variable
The variable that changes as a result are called the __________ __________ Responding Varialbe
A ______ is the standered against which you com pare the results of your experiment. Control
On a graph the horizontal line is the _-____ and it is titled with the Manipulated Variable. X-axis
On a graph the vertical line is the _-______ and it is titled with the Responding Variable Y-axis
_______ is measured in meeters and can be measured using a ____ _______ Lenght , Meter sick
_________ is the way something is put together and _____ is the jod that the stucture performs. Stucture , Function
___________ organisams carry out all of the functions necessary for the or Unicellular
___________ organisms are composed of many specialized cells that work together to heop the organism survive. Multicellular
_________ are organisms that can make their own food, they are also known as ___________ Autotrophs , Producers
_____ cannot make their own food so they must eat other organisms, they are also known as ___ Heterotrophs , Consumers
______ is the attempt of the body or a cell to maintain a constant internal enviroment. Homeostasis
A _____ is a response of an organism to a given change. Feedback Mechanism
The function of the _______ is to control what substances comeinto and out of the cell Cell Membrane
Plant cells have a __ __ outside the cell membrane whose function is to shape and support the cell. Cell wall
The _____ of a cell directs all of the cell's activities. Nucleus
___ is the genetic material of the cell and it is found in the nucleus. DNA
_____ are oranelles that produce most of the energy the cell needs to carry out its functions. Mitochondria
______ _____ is an oranelle that carries proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another. Endoplasmic Reticulum
_____ are oranelles that produce proteins inside of a cell Ribosomes
_______ is an oranelle found only in plant cells that captures energy from sunlight and uses it to produce food for the cell. Chloroplast
_____ is an organelle that is a storage of the cell Vacuole
Bacteria cells are called ______ because they do not have a nucleus. Prokaryots
_______ are cells that contain a nucleus. Eukaryotes
the process by which traits are passed on from parent to offspring is called _____. Heredity
____ ____ is a reproductive process that involves only one parent and in this process the offspring is identical to the parent. Asexual reproduction
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