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Living Systems

Stack #70251

A plant grows toward light coming from a window. What is the stimulus in this scenario? The light
Conservation is the careful use of: any resources
You jump when someone touches your shoulder. Your jumping is an example of a: response
Why does a green leaf change color in the fall? less chlorophyll is produced
A zygote is formed by the joining of: sex cells
What is the changing of a gene's traits called? mutation
The change in the volume in any substance is a physical change. The volume can be changed by- Changing the temperature.
The chemical shorthand for representing an element is called a chemical- Symbol
An atom that loses one or more electrons becomes a- Positive Ion
As an object freely falls, its- Velocity increases
Which one of the following statements is NOT true? Weight is measured in units called Kilograms
A dry cell- Contains moist paste between zinc and carbon rod,supplies a direct current, and uses chemical energy to generate an electric current
The electromagnetic spectrum doesn't consist of- Sound waves
Created by: mshields