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Words skills 1

from the blue book Word Skills, unit one

acclimate to get accustomed to a new enviroment or situation
ancestral pertaining to one's forebears
aspire to have a great desire
crescendo gradually increasing in volume or intensity; gradual increase in volume or intensity
dependant relying upon something or someone else; person who relies on another for support
despite in spite of
evolve to develop gradually; to slowly undergo change or transformation
exquisite beautifully made or designed
extreme farthest in any direction; very intense; radical; greatest degree
exuberant full of high spirits
fervent having great emotion
foretell to tell before hand
impending about to take place; to predict
incredible unbelievable
ingenious clever; displaying imagination or inventiveness
meager deficient in quantity; scanty; thing
precipitate to cause to happen earlier than expected; to condense and fall as rain
suffrage right to vote
thrive to prosper; to grow vigorously
unsung not honored, celebrated, pr praised
Created by: Yummygirl