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Obstetrics 3

Perinatal and Maternal Mortality

What is NZ's total mortality rate in 2009? 22/100,000
What are the greatest direct causes of maternal death? Amniotic fluid embolism 16%. Preeclampsia/eclampsia 8%. Postpartum haemorrhage 6%.
Is NZ's maternal mortality rate higher than the UK's? Yes.
When are mothers most likely to die? Pre or post partum? Post partum. 59%.
What statistic of maternal death is reported as potentially preventable? 35%
What are the greatest indirect causes for maternal death? Suicide 20%. Pre-existing medical conditions 18%. Non-obstetric causes 12%.
What are clinical flags associated with poor perinatal outcome? Maternal age. (<20, >40) Obesity. Maternal mental health problems. Multiple pregnancies. Socioeconomic deprivation. Maternal medical conditions.
Define perinatal. Of or relating to the time, usually a number of weeks, immediately before and after birth.
What are the greatest ethnicity of babies born in NZ? NZ Europeans 66%.
What is the rate for still births in NZ? 6.3 per 1000
Are teenage mothers at greater risk of dying than others? Yes.
50% of teenage mothers whose babies died during 2007 - 2009 were of what ethnicity? Maori.
How many in percent of all teenage mothers whose babies died were smokers? 45%
What are the most common causes of perinatal death among teenage mothers? Spontaneous preterm birth. Fetal growth restriction. Perinatal infection.
Created by: boermedic