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Linguistics Test

A linguistics test

pre pre-Before During the pregame everyone was stretching.
ex ex-out Ezra gets bored of tv when he has an excess amount of it.
dict dict-Talk/speak The senates dictum was that Julius Caesar was a bad ruler.
spect spect-see Ezra saw the beautiful spectrum after the storm.
cycl cycl-circle Ezra cyclized the paper clips making a perfect circle.
ject ject-throw Ezra was ejected from the game for arguing with the reffere.
ped ped-feet Ezra took a pedicab from 42nd street to Central Park.
port port-transportation Ezra had to go to the bathroom so bad at the park that he went to the porta potti.
lingu/langu lingu/langu-tunge Ezra was bilingual he could speak english and hebrew.
tend tend-stretch Ezra learned today that tendons were flexible but not elastic.
ion ion-=act of, state of Be careful of abduction while walking down the street Ezra there are a lot of kidnappers.
Created by: ez99