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Character 字Pinyin 拼音English 英文
Zài adv. indicating an action in progress
Zuò to do, to make
下棋 Xià qí to play chess
喝茶 Hē chá to drink tea
Tīng to listen, to hear
音乐 yīnyuè music
xiě to write
character, word
功课 gōngkè homework
kàn to read, to see, to watch
跳舞 tiàowǔ to dance
to dial; to play
电话 diànhuà telephone
电影 diànyǐng movie
现在 Xiànzài now, at present
Diǎn o'clock; dot
Fēn minute
Bàn half
Le grammatical word (indicating something finished)
Kuài soon, fast, almost
a quarter (of an hour)
Miǎo second (time)
Created by: shihyingchang