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respiratory practice

practice questions regarding respiratory

the mechanism that stimulates the release of surfactant alveolar stretch from deep breathing
during inspiration, air enters the thoracic cavity as a result of decreased intrathoracic pressure relative to pressure at the airway
the ability of the lungs to adequately oxygenate the arterial blood is best determined by examination of the arterial oxygen tension
a diagnostic procedure done to remove pleural fluid for analysis thoracentesis
when auscultating the chest of an elderly patient in respiratory distress, it is best to begin listening at lungbases
air in the pleural space pneumothorax
blood in the pleural space hemothorax
air in pleural space that doesn not escape. continued increase in amt of air shifts intrathoracic organs and increases intrathoracic pressure tension pneumothorax
a ____is a medical emergency and will require a needle decompression followed by chest tube insertion with chest drainage sys tension pneumot
fracture of two or more adjacent ribs in tow or more places with loss of chest wall stability flail chest
paradoxic movement of the chest wall, pespiratory distress, may be associ with hemothorax, pneumothorax, pulmonary contusion.. symptoms of _____ flail chest
how do u stabilize flail chest? positive pressure, cpap, bipap, vent. bag of saline til u can get these items
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