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Gk GCSE Ch 1 Vocab

"Greek to GCSE" chapter 1 vocabulary

ὁ ἄγγελος -ου the messenger
ἄγω I lead
ἀκούω I hear, I listen to
βαίνω I go
ἡ βοή -ης the shout
ἡ βουλή -ης the plan, the council
ἡ γῆ the earth, the ground
γράφω I write
ὁ διδάσκαλος -ου the teacher
ἡ δικαιοσύνη -ης (the) justice
διώκω I chase
ὁ δοῦλος -ου the slave
ἡ εἰρήνη -ης (the ) peace
εἰς (+ accusative) into
ἡ ἐπιστολή -ης the letter
ἔχω I have; I hold
the (feminine definite article)
ὁ θεός -οῦ the god
ὁ ἵππος -ου the horse
ἡ κώμη -ης the village
λέγω I speak, I say, I mean
ὁ λόγος -ου word, reason, story
ἡ νίκη -ης (the) victory
ὁ ξένος -ου the stranger, the foreigner
the (masculine definite article)
οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ not
παύω I stop
ὁ ποταμός -οῦ the river
πρός (+ accusative) towards
ἡ πύλη -ης the gate
ὁ στρατηγός -οῦ the general
ὁ στρατός -οῦ the army
ὁ σύμμαχος -ου the ally
ἡ τιμή -ῆς (the) honor
τρέχω I run
φέρω I carry; I bring
φυλάσσω I guard
ἡ φωνή -ῆς the voice
διδάσκω I teach
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