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Stack #70064

plus vini more wine
creo to appoint
prudentior wiser
quam than
prudenter wisely
nimis to much
modus way
cura care
invoco to call upon
collapsus est he collapsedd
pessimus worst
posco demand
misceo mix
sino to allow
haurio to drain
collis hill
credo to believe
deus god
vulnus wound
ligo bind up
Konis Novembribus November 5
Kalendis Novembribus November 2
que and
huc here
Brundisii at Brundisium
priedie on the day befor
Idus Octobres October 14
viginti 20
adulescens young man
moratus est he has stayed
regressus est he has returned
Idibus Novembribus November 13
proficiscentur he will set out
Kalendas Decembres Nobember 29
libenter gladly
rursus again
sane certainly
cotidie every day
ludus school
vereor I am afraid
castigo to rebuke
Vergilius Vergil
grammaticus secondary school teacher
experitur tests
loqueris talking
vel or
paedagogus tutor
ingressus est he entered
eruditus learned
utilis useful
egressi sunt went out
profecti sunt set out
pistrinum bakery
praefero to carry
etiamsi even if
ad tempus on time
scriblita tart or pastry
paulum small amount
ientaculum breakfast
Created by: redsox4441