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Weather SOL 2.3

Science SOL

weather what is happening in the air outdoors
climate the weather that a place has over time
meteorologist a person who studies the weather
rain gauge an instrument that measures the amount of rain that falls
temperature the measurement of how hot or cold something is
thermometer an instrument that measures temperature
wind vane an instrument that shows the direction of the wind
hurricane a strong storm with very high winds and heavy rain
tornado a very strong wind that whirls in a funnel shape
wind the movement of air that we can not see, but we feel
lightning flash of electricity in the sky
water cycle water moves between the ground and sky over and over
precipitation rain, snow, sleet, and hail
evaporation changing from a liquid to a gas
condensation changing water vapor into drops of water by cooling
drought little or no rain for a long time
flood large amount or flow of water over land
seasons times in the year marked by weather and earth changes
Created by: ekrussell