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Bees Vocab 1-25

eng vocab bees

Going beyond what is right or proper presumptuous
to persuade or try to persuade by pleading or using flattery coax
to disturb greatly, make uneasy or anxious perturb
to beg for beeseech
having or exhibiting religious reverence pious
to speak of god or a sacred entity in a rude manner blaspheme
a state of paralyzing dismay consternation
the essential part pith
a perfumed ointment especially used to groom hair pomade
fabric of silk or rayon chiffon
a deceptive superficial show veneer
made or carried out in good faith, genuine bone fide
one who takes the law into his own hands vigilante
a name or designation especially for a group denomination
to raise in rank, character, or status exalt
to confuse, to cause one to loose bearings bewilder
something left over, a remainder remenants
an inherent ability for learning, a talent aptitude
to walk at a leisurely pace, stroll saunter
to confuse the mind muddle
to support with or prop up as if to use a pillow bolster
the feeling with which a person considers something as mean, vile, hatred contempt
sadness, depressed melancholy
to express grief about, cry lament
pass time at leisure, lie around loaf