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Cells Test

Plants are made of...Complex starch
What are proteins made of? amino acids
What id something in the envirment that changes the way something reacts? stimulus
What makes chemical reactions happen in cells? enzyine
DNA stands for... Deoxyribonucleic acid
A hydride is... asexual reproduction
hair, feathers, spider webs ect.. are all made up of... protiens
When photosynthesis occurs, it needs... sunlight
When you sweat your body is.. cooling down
lipids cannot mix.______: example of a lipid:_____ water, fats and oils
people and monkeys, how many cells are we made of? Trillions
What molecules provides energy for a cell? ATP
We eat and drink... Water
4 basic neccasities of life... Food, water, air, shelter
When you shiver, your body creates... Heat
Carbohydrate is made of... Suger
What is it called when your body tempature has to balance out? Homoiostacis
You get your parents genes from... heredity
? provides instruction for proteins. DNA
Created by: lillylollie