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Southmoore-Green Book-Unit 1 E

auctoritas auctoritatis authority F.
hostis hostis enemy M.
ius iuris right, law N.
lex legis law F
modus modi manner, mode, way M.
opus operis word, labor N
princeps principis chief M.
clarus, a, um X clear, famous
gravis, grave X heavy, serious
amitto, amittere amisi, amisus to lose, let go
audio, audire audivi, auditus to hear
cognosco, cognoscere cognovi, cognitus learn, know (perfect only)
invenio, invenire inveni, inventus to find
mando, mandare mandavi, mandatus to entrust
mitto, mittere misi, missus to send
peto, petere petivi, petitus to seek, ask, beg
pono, ponere posui, positus to put, place
scio, scire scivi, scitus to know
sto, stare steti, staturus to stand
ubi X when, where
rapio, rapere rapui, raptus to seize
repello, repellere reppuli, repulsus to drive back
statuo, statuere statui, statutus to decide, establish
sumo, sumere sumpsi, sumptus to take
trado, tradere tradidi, traditus to give over, surrender
tribuo, tribuere tribui, tributus to grant
vinco, vincere vici, victus to conquer
humilis, humile X humble
mille X a thousand
utilis, utile X useful
tres, tria X three
suus, a, um X his own, their own
difficilis, difficile X difficult
extremus, a, um X farthest, last, end
annus anni year M.
Created by: southmoore