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Catullus Vocabulary

passer passeris, m. = sparrow; small bird
deliciae deliciarum, f. pl. = pleasure; pet, darling, sweetheart
sinus sinus, m. = fold of a toga; lap; bosom
primus, -a, -um = first
digitus digiti, m. = finger; inch
appeto appetere/appetivi/appetitus = to try to reach; to seek instictively; to attack
acer acris, acre = keen, sharp
incito (1) = to urge on, arouse, provoke
morsus morsus, m. = nibble, bite, peck (of a bird)
desiderium desiderii, n. = desire, longing; object of desire; sweetheart
niteo nitere/nitui/-- = to shine; to be beautiful
nescio nescire/nescivi (or -ii)/nescitus = not to know, be ignorant of; be unacquainted with
iocor iocari/iocatus sum (deponent verb) = to jest, joke; to play a game
dolor doloris, m. = pain, heartache
acquiesco acquiescere/acquievi/acquieturus = to fall asleep; to rest
ardor ardoris, m. = fire; heat; passionate desire
sicut (adv.) = just as
ipse, ipse, ipsum = himself, herself, itself
tristis tristis, triste = sad
levo (1) = to lighten, alleviate
cura curae, f. = worry, care, distress
lugeo lugere/luxi/luctus = to mourn, lament; deplore
Venus Veneris, f. = goddess of love & beauty
Cupido Cupidinis, m. = Cupid (son of Venus, embodiment of love)
mortuus mortua, mortuum = dead
oculus oculi, m. = eye
mellitus mellita, mellitum = honey-sweet
moveo movere/movi/motus = to move
usque (adv.) = all the way; all the time; completely
nunc (adv.) = now
eo ire/ivi (or ii)/itus = to go
iter itineris, n. = journey, trip
illuc (adv.) = to that place
unde (adv.) = from where, whence
nego (1) = to deny
redeo redire/redii/reditus = to go back, come back, return
at but; but on the other hand
Orcus Orci, m. = lower world; Pluto (king of the lower world); death
devoro (1) = to devour
opus operis, n. = work, labor, task
fleo flere/flevi/fletus = to weep, cry
rubeo rubere/--/-- = to be red; to blush
turgidus turgida, turgidum = swollen, puffed up
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