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Tobira-Quiz Vocab

Vocab to Study for next Vocab Quiz

(~を)学ぶ (~を)まなぶ to study (in depth); to learn; to take lessons in
現代 げんだい nowadays; modern era; modern times; present-day
番組 ばんぐみ program (eg: TV)
代表的〔な〕 だいひょうてき(な) representative; exemplary; model
国内 こくない internal; domestic
試合 しあい match; game; bout; contest
選手 せんしゅ player (in game); team member
勝つ かつ to win; to gain victory
成長(する) せいちょう(する) growth; grow to adulthood
例えば たとえば for example; e,g
笑顔 えがお smiling face; smile 笑顔千両(えがおせんりょう) beautiful smile; there being a great charm about one's smile
大声 おおごえ large voice
負げる まげる To lose, to be defeated
表現(する) ひょうげん(する) 1: expression; presentation; To express/present 2: (math) representation; notation
絶対 ぜったい 1: absolutely; unconditionally; (No-adjective) 2: absolute; unconditional; unmistakable; 3: (Noun) absoluteness
れい thanking; expression of gratitude; bow
~に向かって ~にむかって Toward, for / to, in the direction of
Verb~合う Verb(- masu)+あう V (to/for) each other; V with
表す あらわす 1: to reveal; to show; to display; 2: to express; 3: to represent; to signify; to stand for; 4: to make widely known
正しい ただしい (adj-i) right; just; correct; righteous; honest; truthful; proper; straightforward; perfect
(~を)育つ / 育てる (~を)そだつ / そだてる (育つ)=to be raised (eg: child); to be brought up; to grow (up) (そだてる)=to raise; to rear; to bring up
通う かよう 1: to go back and forth; to ply between; 2: to commute; to attend (school, church, etc)
能力 のうりょく ability; faculty
かれ 1: he; him; (No-adjective) 2: his; 3: boyfriend
後ろ うしろ back; behind; rear (~に~を)与える
含む ふくむ 1: to include; to contain; to comprise; to have; to hold; to embrace; 2: to hold in the mouth; 3: to bear in mind; to understand; to harbor (grudge, etc); 4: to express (emotion, etc); to imply
精神 せいしん mind; soul; heart; spirit; intention
折る おる to break; to fold; to pick flowers
打つ うつ 1: to hit (something inanimate); to strike; to beat (on something); 2: to type; to tap (eg a key); 3: to inject; 4: to indulge in gambling; 5: to visit (on a pilgrimage)
投げる なげる 1: to throw; to cast away; 2: to face defeat; to give up
驚く おどろく to be surprised; to be astonished
せき 1: seat; 2: location (of a gathering, etc); place; 3: position; post
(~に)迷う (~に)まよう 1: to lose one's way; be uncertain, to hesitate; to be puzzled; to be perplexed; 3: to give into temptation; to lose control of oneself; 4: to turn in one's grave
一般的(な) いっぱんてき(な) popular; typical; general, common
相談(する) そうだん(する) consultation; discussion To consult, to discuss
先輩 せんぱい senior (at work or school); superior; elder; older graduate
後輩 こうはい junior (at work or school)
道具 どうぐ implement; tool; means
~を通して ~おとおして Through
種類 しゅるい Kind; sort;type
健康 けんこう Health; (けんこう+な) Healthy
番組 ばんぐみ TV/Radio program
相撲 すもう Sumo wrestling
国内 こくない A country’s interior 国内の=Domestic, internal
全て すべて Entirely, all; (as noun=)everything, all
リアルタイム Real time, live
観戦(する) かんせん(する) Watching (a sports game); to watch a sports game
国技 こくぎ National sport
力士 りきし Sumo wrestler
土俵 どうひょう Sumo ring
ガッツポーズをする To raise one’s fist(s) in triumph
〔~が〕叫ぶ (~が)さけぶ 〔Vi〕 To shout out, yell, cry out
くやしい くやしい 〔Someone is〕 frustrated; (something is) regrettable)
べらべら話す べらべらはなす To talk glibly, constantly; blab
(~を)ぼかにする To look down on, make fun of Exe: ぼかにしたジェスチャーをする
武道 ぶどう Martial arts
道場 どうじょう Training hall for martial arts
挨拶(する) (~に)あいさつ(する) Greeting
感謝(する) (~に)かんしゃ(する) Thanks, gratitude, To give thanks/gratitude
礼儀正しい れいぎただしい Well-mannered, courteous, polite
心・技・体 しん・ぎ・たい Spirit—Technique—Physical strength
精神 せいしん Mind, spirit, will 精神力
能力 のうりょく Ability, capacity, competence 運動能力
プレー〔をする〕 To play
(~が)三振(する) (~が)さんしん(する) Strikeout; To strike out
〔~を〕折る (~を)おる To fracture, to break (a stick-like object)
〔~を〕打つ (~を)うつ To hit, to strike
グローブ Baseball glove
〔~を〕投げる (~を)なげる To throw, to pitch
〔~に〕驚く (~に)おどろく 〔Vi〕 To be surprised, to be shocked
そんな Such, like that
スパイク Spikes (track shoes)
手入れ ていれ Maintenance, care, repair(s)
(~に~を)与える (~に~を)あたえる (Vt) To give
ロサンジェルス Los Angeles
金(メダル) きん(メダル) Gold (metal)
(~を)譲る (~を)ゆずる (Vt) To give over, to hand over, give up (one’s seat)
(~を)生かす (~を)いかす (Vt) To make the most of (one’s abilities)
部活 ぶかつ Club activities (Short for 部活動(ぶかつどう))
関係 かんけい Relationship(s) 上下関係 (じょうげかんけい) pecking order; hierarchical relationship
マナージャー Manager
(~に)入部(する) (~に)にゅうぶ(する) Joining a club; to join a club
部員 ぶいん Club/group member
主将 しゅしょう Team captain
休憩(する) きゅうけい(する) Rest / Break; To rest, take a break
”お待たせ。。。“ おまたせ。。。 Sorry to keep you waiting
サークル Circle, club, group
詳しい くわしい Detailed, full
~させていただけませんか。 Could I______?
その辺 そのへん (A space/area) near there; around there
おび Belt, sash
道具 どうぐ Tool, instrument, equipment
毎~のように。。。 まい~のように。。。 Almost every ~
Sentence と考(かんが)えられている/思(おも)われている It is considered that ~, It is believed that ~
~など(は)/~なんて Things/people/etc like ~
まず。。。 First of all, first, to begin with, before everything
Verb(-masu) 合う V (to/for) each other; V with/together 見せ合った:Looked at together
Verb(plain, non-past)+ように。。。 So that ~, in such a way that~ みんなに聞こえるように。。。=So that they can hear (me)
ある(Noun) ;A (noun), a certain (noun), some (one/thing) 昔、昔、ある所に。。。=Long, long ago in a certain place。。。
Sentence+{の・ん}+{ではないどろうか / ではないでしょうか / じゃないかな} I think that ~, Isn’t it that ~? “厳(きび)しいじゃないんな。=I think that (it) is strict。。。 I think that ~, Isn’t it that ~? “厳(きび)しいじゃないんな。=I think that (it) is strict。。。
Verb(-nai form)+ず(に) Without V-ing, instead of V-ing 辞書を見ずに=Without looking at the dictionary
{そう/こう/ああ}いう(Noun) That/this kind of, such___ そういう所で=At these type of places/locations
Sentenceと言える{だろう/でしょう} It probably can be said that~, It is probably alright to say that~ 奈良(なら)は日本で一番歴史(いちばんれきし)の古(ふる)い町(まち)の一つと言えるでしょう。=It can probably be said that Nara is one of the older towns with the most history
XはY(という)ことなの{である/だ} X is Y; X means that Y
~ん{だけど/ですが} But。。。 Also used when making an offer to someone to go/do/see something
それで So, because of that, that’s why, for that reason ああ、それで、みんなうれしそうにしているんですね。=So that’s why everyone seems so happy。。。
(Question word)~ても No matter what/who/when/where/how 世界中、どこに行っても、マクドナルドが食べられる。=No matter where you go throughout the world, you can eat at a McDonalds
~うちに While~still ~ないうちに=Before (something happens)
できれば / できたら If possible, If you don’t mind, If it’s alright
Verb (plain past)~たばかり Have just V-ed 今、食べたばかりですから。。。=Since/because I have just finished eating right now。。。
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