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Test 3 Roots


labri- lip
iso- equal
lacun- space or cavity
juxta- near
-lemma sheath, husk
lingua- tongue
-ile intestine
im- not
intercal- insert
lat- wide
lamina- layer, sheet
jugul- throat
kines- to move
inter- between
hystero- uterus
-ia condition
-iatrics medical specialty
intra- within, inside
-ism condition
kilo- thousands
labi- lip
lact- milk
leuko- white
lip- fat
lipo- fat
hyster- uterus
hypo- below, deficient
hypno- sleep
lut- yellow
lumen light
luci- clear
lymph water
leva- raise
later- side
kin- to move
-lysis loosening, breaking down
-logy the study of
lith- stone
hyper- excess
laten- hidden
hydro- water
hydr- water
hyal- clear
humor- a fluid
hormon- to excite
homo- same
hom- same
holo- whole
lamell- small plate
karyo- kernel, nucleus
hist- tissue
hirsut- hairy
hippo- horse
hiat- gap
hetero- different
hepat- liver
hemo- blood
hemi- half
hemato- blood
hema- blood
hapt- fasten, grasp
gust- taste
-graph instrument for recording data
-gram recorded data
kera- horn
gono- seed
gon- seed
gompho- nail
gnost- knowing
glyco- sweet
glute- buttocks
glom- bail
-glia glue
-glea glue
glauc- gray
gest- carried
geront- old man
gero- old man
germin- grow
gene beginning, origin
-gen an agent that initiates
gastr- stomach
gangli- swelling, knot
gamet- married
gam- married
Created by: eacirillo