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Anatomy 2

quiz 2

ec-,ecto- outside, out of, external
ef out of
-el,-elle small
electro electricity
em in, within
emesi-,emeti- vomiting
-emia blood condition
en- in, into
enchymo- poured in
encephalo brain
endo- within, into, internal
entero- gut, intestine
epi- upon,above
ergo- work,energy,action
eryth-,erthro- red
esthesio- sensation, feeling
eu- good, true, normal, easy
exo- out
facili- easy
fasci- band,bundle
fenestr- window
fer- to carry
ferri- iron
fibro- fiber
fili- thread
flagello- whip
foli- leaf
-form shape
fove- pit,depression
funiculo- little rope, cord
fusi- 1. spindle 2.pour out
gamo- marriage, union
gastro- belly, stomach
-gen,-genic,-genesis producing, giving rise to
genio- chin
germi- 1. sprout, bud 2.microbe
gero- old age
gesto- 1. to bear, carry 2. pregnancy
glia- glue
globu- ball, sphere
glom- ball
glosso tongue
glyco- sugar
gono- 1. angle, corner 2.seed, sex cell, generation
gradi- walk, step
-gram recording of
-graph recording instrument
-graphy recording process
gravi- severe, heavy
gyro- turn, twist
hallu- great toe
hemi- half
-hemia blood condition
hetero- different, other various
histo- tissue, web
holo- whole, entire
homeo- constant, unchanging, uniform
homo- same, alike
hyalo- clear, glassy
hydro- water
hyper- above, above normal, excessive
hypo- below, below normal, deficient
-ia condition
-ic pertaining to
-icle, -icul small
ilia- flank, loin
-illa, -illus little
-in protein
infra- below
ino- fiber
insulo- island
inter- between
intra- within
iono- ion
ischi- to hold back
-ism 1. process, state, condition 2. doctrine, belief, theory
iso- same, equal
-issimus most, greatest
-ite little
-itis inflammation
jug- to join
juxta- next to
kali- potassium
karyo- seed, nucleus
kerato- horn
kine- motion, action
labi- lip
lacera- torn, cut
lacrimo- tear, cry
lacto- milk
lamina- layer
latero- side
lati- broad
-lemma husk
lenti- lens
-let small
leuko- white
levato- to raise
ligo- to bind
line- line
litho- stone
-logy study of
lucid- light,clear
lun- moon,crescent
lute- yellow
lyso-,lyto- split apart,break down
macro- large
macula- spot
mali- bad
malle- hammer
mammo- breast
mano- hand
manubri- handle
masto- breast
medi- middle
medullo- marrow, pith
mega- large
melano- black
meno- month
mento- chin
mero- part, segment
meso- in the middle
meta- beyond, next in a series
metabol- change
-meter measuring device
metri- 1. length, measure 2. uterus
micro- small
mito- thread, filament, grain
mono- one
morpho- form, shape, structure
muta= change
myelo- 1. spinal cord 2. bone marrow
myo-, mysi- muscle
natri- sodium
neo- new
nephro- kidney
neuro- nerve
nucleo- nucleus, kernel
oo- egg
Created by: kingr8