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Lesson 1 New Words

China Scene: An Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course

dān qīn jiā tíng single-parent family 单亲家庭
hé rú He Ru, name of a person 何茹
diào yǎn lèi to shed tears 掉眼泪
xiǎo lì Xiao Li, name of a person 小丽
yǒng yuǎn forever, always 永远
tiāo qǐ to carry, to shoulder 挑起
zhòng dàn burden 重担
cāo chí to take care of, to manage 操持
jiā wù household chores 家务
jiào yù education; to teach, to educate 教育
guāng yīn lifetime, time 光阴
fèng xiàn to devote to 奉献
guài pì eccentric, weird, odd (of a person of his/her behaviors) 怪僻
bù yuàn to be unwilling 不愿
jiā jiào family teacher, special tutor 家教
bǔ xí to take lessons after school 补习
xiǎng bù tōng cannot think through, cannot make sense out of 想不通
wú sī selfless 无私
zì sī selfish 自私
jū rán unexpectedly, surprisingly, contrary to one's expectations 居然
pāo qì to abandon, to dump, to desert, to forsake 抛弃
fēng measure word for letters 封
gǎi biàn change; to change, to alter, to correct 改变
zhū míng Zhu Ming, name of a person 朱明
jié gòu structure 结构
sān dài tóng táng three generations under one roof 三代同堂
zhèng zhì politics 政治
xiàn zhì to limit; limit, limitation, restriction 限制
kāi fàng to open up, to open 开放
tiáo jiàn condition 条件
mǎn yì to be satisfied; satisfaction 满意
yāo qiú demand, requirement 要求
yóu yú as a result of, due to, owing to 由于
zēng duō to increase; increase, growth in number or quantity 增多
chéng zhǎng growth, development; to grow 成长
yuán wén original text, the original 原文
gǎi biān to adapt, to revise 改编
yuǎn gé qiān lǐ thousands of miles away 远隔千里
to send, to mail 寄
sī niàn to miss, long for (somebody) 思念
bēi shāng sorrow, sadness 悲伤
jiǔ líng nián 1990 90年
tiān zhēn naive 天真
wán pí mischievous 顽皮
cán kù cruel 残酷
xiàn shí reality 现实
lí yì separation 离异
hán yì meaning, implication 含义
chóng bài to adore 崇拜
chū chāi to be on a business trip, on business 出差
lèi shuǐ tear, teardrop 泪水
tǎng to fall 淌
miàn jiá cheek, face 面颊
to throw oneself into 扑
huái lǐ in someone's arms or embrace 怀里
wú xiàn infinite, without limit 无限
shāng xīn sad 伤心
chǎng measure word for a period of time 场
chén mò silence, silent 沉默
shèn zhì even, to the extent that 甚至
guān huái show concern for, care 关怀
xīn líng heart and soul 心灵
chuāng shāng wound 创伤
wú fǎ unable, no way 无法
yù hé to heal, to recover 愈合
dān shēn unmarried, single; an unmarried person 单身
shù zì number, amount 数字
rán ér but, however 然而
bù zài hu not care 不在乎
xīn gān qíng yuàn be most willing to, willingness 心甘情愿
wěi dà great, mighty 伟大
sì hū to seem as if 似乎
jīng lì experience; to experience 经历
jīng tāo hài làng terrifying waves, hardship in one's life 惊涛骇浪
yuán liàng to forgive, to excuse 原谅
wéi yī only, sole 唯一
shǔ yú to belong to, to be a part of 属于
wán zhěng whole, complete, entire 完整
shēng rì kǎ birthday card 生日卡
shuāng shuāng both, both of 双双
zhù fú blessing, to bless 祝福
qíng jǐng scene, situation 情景
kě xī unfortunately; of pity, to be a pity 可惜
céng jīng once, in the past, formerly 曾经
wēn nuǎn warm 温暖
cǐ zhì a salutation used at the end of a letter to indicate closure 此致
jìng lǐ a salutation used at the end of a letter, meaning "respectfully, with best wishes" 敬礼
Created by: andreakim91
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