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bis twice
Caedes killing, slaughter
cano I sing, play, sound
caput head, lifer, person, capital
cause + gen for the sake of
caveo beware, take care
cedo I give up, yield
celo I hide
cerno I see, decree, perceive
Cecini I sang
Cepi I captured
crevi I saw
cretus having seen
certamen struggle, battle, contest
certiorem facere indeed
certus certain, fixed
casus having fallen
cantus having sang
cecidi i fell
cavi I took care
cessus having given up
cessi i gave up
celatus having hidden
cretus having seen, perceived
consisto i halt, stand firm
crevi I saw, perceived
cingo i surround
clam secretly
coegi i forced
clades disaster, loss, defeat
cinxi i surrounded
cohors cohort, company
colo i cultivate, worship, honour
colui I cultivated, worshipped
cinctus having surrounded
cultus having cultivated, honoured
commito I commit, fight, being battle
condo I establish, found, hide
confero I compare, collect, contribute
confido I trust, have confidence, believe
contendo I fight, contend, hurry, march
conlatus having collected, compared
conficio I complete wear out
constituo I decide, establish
consulo I consult, advise, consider
Conatus sum Having tried
Created by: jagrose