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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 5

BRACCHIUM (Latin) arm
DENS/DENTIS (Latin) tooth
UNUS (Latin) one
DUO (Latin) two
TRES (Latin) three
QUATTUOR (Latin) four
brace two of a kind
embrace to take into one's arms
bracelet ornament for the arm or wrist
brachiopod two shelled creature with two "arms" inside with which to bring in food
dent tooth like notch in gears, locks, etc.; a small depression
dentist tooth doctor
denture set of teeth (false)
dandelion plant called "tooth of the lion" with dentate leaves
corps military division organised as a body
incorporate to make into a body
corporation legally formed group - a body
corpse a dead body
union act of making one out of many
united together, as one
universe star galaxy which turns as one entity (like a cosmic pinwheel)
unicorn mythical horse with one horn on its head
duet music played or sung by two people
duplicate make a second copy
duel fight between two people
duplex two homes in one building
tricycle a three wheeled vehicle
tripod a three-legged stand for a camera or other instrument
triangle a figure with three straight sides and three corner angles
triennial every three years
quadruped four footed animal
quadricycle four wheeled vehicle
quadrilateral having four sides
quatrain a stanza or verse of poetry four lines long
quadruped four footed animal
quadricycle four wheeled vehicle
quadrilateral having four sides
quatrain a stanza or verse of poetry four lines long
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