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MB3 19-27

What is the main way in which our body produces heat? metabolism
What are some ways our body can generate heat? through the environment, during exercise, digestion, when a person becomes angry or excited, and shivering
Which areas of the body are involved in heat loss? the lungs, the skin and in body discharges
Drugs that depress the immune system decrease or increase heat loss? decrease
What 4 ways do we lose heat? conduction, convection, radiation, and evaporation
What temperature would you be taking if you were assessing the patient's cognitive function? oral temperature (are they able to hold the thermometer and not bite it?)
What route of temperature would you be assessing if you reviewed the patient's platelet count? rectal temperature (do they have low platelet and are at risk for bleed out?)
In a glass thermometer, how long do you place the thermometer in the axillary? rectal? oral? axillary takes 10 minutes, rectal takes 2-3 minutes, oral takes 3 minutes
How do you convert Fahrenheit to Celcius? (Fahrenheit -32) x 5/9 = Celsius OR F - 32 / 1.8 = C
How do you convert Celcius to Fahrenheit? (Celsius x 9/5) + 32 = Fahrenheit OR C x 1.8 + 32 = C
What thermometers are sometimes used as alternatives in pediatric settings? chemical dot thermometers
What ways can you measure a core temperature? tympanic and rectal
What is the normal oral temperature range for adults? 97-99.5 F
What is the most common peripheral pulse? radial
What factors affect pulse? age, amount of exercise, fluid balance, medication
How would you obtain a pulse for a child under 2 years of age? apical pulse
What is the average pulse range for adults? 60-100
What does the pulse amplitude measure? the pressure/strength of the pulse. On a scale of 1-4, O is nonexistent, +4 is bounding. Like a big rabbit in the forest.
Created by: Marshall3