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MB7 55-63

Nursing Diagnosis completed by a nurse and are related to the response to a health problem, either actual or potential
Medical Diagnosis completed by another health care provider are are related to actual signs and symptoms
Collaborative Problems actions ordered by another health care professional that are managed by nurses
Actual Diagnosis is a problem... ...that exists at the time of assessment. Example: Sleep deprivation
A condition/response the patient is susceptible or vulnerable to developing if the nurse doe not intervene to prevent it. Example: Risk for shock Risk Diagnosis
Syndome Diagnosis A clinical judgment describing a specific cluster of nursing diagnoses that occur together, and are best addressed together and through similar interventions." Example: Relocation stress syndrome
A clinical judgment about a person’s, family’s or community’s motivation and desire to increase wellbeing and actualize human health potential. Example: Readiness for enhanced nutrition. Wellness Diagnosis
Frameworks used to prioritize Nursing Diagnoses Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, NANDA, NIC and NOC (Smeltzer pg. 36)
_______________: states the problem _______________: the opposite of the problem _______________:what the nurse must do to solve the problem -Nursing Diagnosis -Nursing Goals -Nursing Interventions
Written plan of care specifically states... ...prioritized nursing diagnoses, expected outcomes, goals and interventions
_____________ are predicted results of Collaborative/ Interdependent nursing interventions whereas ______________ are predicted more as a result of Independent nursing interventions Goals. Expected Outcomes
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