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MB15 127-135

Bandage vs Binder Bandage: a piece of gauze used to cover a wound/ Binder: type of bandage used to fit over large area such as the abdomen
What are some of the factors that have increased the need for community based nurses? -Shift to more outpatient care -Changes in federal regulation -decreasing hospital revenues -HMOs and reimbursement caps -DRG reimbursements (diagnosis related groups) - Old people won't die (-; formally aka "population changes"
Hospital Nursing... ...provides specialized services that are not available in the wider nursing community. Adheres to rigid principles bound by government policy. Advantage= person gets appropriate care. Disadvantage= person may get treated like an object, number, etc.
Community Nursing... ...provides service that is more focused on promoting and maintaining health to community members. Advantage: Minimal disruption to person's lifestyle. Disadvantage: Service is directly related to existing skills and more limited resources.
Define discharge planning -started at admission -necessary for Medicare payments -Transition from acute to homecare -discharge is part of goals
When referring a patient to a community resource (drug store, bank, physicians, etc)the nurse should provide... ...the costs of the service and the eligibility requirements
Steps to prepare for a home visit (3) 1) Review patient's referral form 2) Call to obtain permission to visit and schedule time. 3) Bring any supplies that may be needed
Some Personal Safety Precaution of a home care nurse include... 1)Agency should know the nurse's schedule and visiting locations 2) Visit with another person in high crime areas 3)Never enter a home uninvited 4) Establish plan of action in case of emergencies A ton more things→ chart 2-1, pg. 18
Some nursing responsibilities in an Ambulatory Setting include... ...patient intake screenings and treating patients w/ acute, chronic and emergency conditions
Some nursing responsibilities in Occupational Health include... ... conducting health education programs for company staff members and monitoring employees' hearing,vision, etc.
Some nursing responsibilities in a School Setting include... education consultant for teachers, children, and parents
Created by: Marshall3
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