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MB10 82-90

Identify a nursing diagnosis in relation to preventing injury in the environment RF Falls RT Polypharmacy
Write an individualized goal for clients with a nursing diagnosis of Risk for Falls Client will perform normal functions at work without fall or injury AMB: -No new cuts or bruises, fractures or abrasions. -Patient stating "I have not fallen at work"
Define Communication To send, receive, interpret and respond appropriately to a message; an interchange of information.
Identify the three basic levels of communication Verbal, Nonverbal and Therapeutic
Define Therapeutic Communication Being able to see the difference between what the patient says and what is really going on; being able to "read between the lines"
Define the following 5 elements of the communication process: 1. Sender originator of the message, speaker
2. message` the idea or thought being conveyed
3. Channel the means of transmitting the idea; verbally or nonverbally
4. Receiver person message is sent to, "listener"
5. Feedback response to the message
Verbal Communication with patients -let patient do the talking -keep questions simple, ask one at a time -no jargon, avoid leading questions -do not interrupt -don't say "How/why did you???"
Nonverbal communication - some indicators rapport empathy silence listening Body Language
Factors that influence communication process Just about everything and then some :)
Techniques to avoid -cliches -jollying the client along -lame reassurances -switching the topic -not following up
Created by: Marshall3