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MB12 100-108

100. Bathing Foot Care and Bed Making 101. Care of eyes, ears, teeth and accessories. GO to open Lab silly!!
102. Relationship between well-being and the immediate enviroment Hygiene practices allow the patient to feel better, have better self esteem and reduce stress. All result in a better ability to fight infection/raise immune system.
103. Modes of transmission of HIV body fluids that contain free virions and infected D4+Tcells. Blood, seminal fluid, vaginal and amniotic fluids, breast milk.
103B. Prevention strategies for HIV Abstinence, use of condoms. Circumcision, no breast feeding. Health care workers need standard precautions.
104. Host/HIV interaction during primary infection. This is the time frame from point of infection to production of discernible antibodies. Primary-Infection to Antibodies. Will test negative during this time, very infectious due to high viral load but no created antibodies.By the time a/b can be detected, virus if firmly entrenched. Loss of CD4+T leads to drops in count (norm is 500-1500)
viral set point remaining amount of virus in the body after the immune response is called the v.s.p. ad results in a steady state of infection for years.
CDC category A Primary Infection stage; includes acute symptomatic and early infection phases. virus is widely disseminated in lymphoid tissue and latent reservoir created.
latent reservoir virus that hides in resting memory CD4+ Tcells.
pathophysiology of HIV/AIDS retrovirus, means they carry their material in RNA. attach to CD4 receptors. RNA uses reveres transcriptase to have DNA use to make double stranded (1/2 coming from virus)
After viral set point is reached..... people enter into chronic phrase. Immune system is still trying to destroy pathogens w/o success.
Category A More than 500 T Lymphocytes
Category B 499-200
Category C Less than 200. This is AIDS officially.
clinical management of AIDS Most problems are caused by opportunistic infections. TMP-SMZ is the treatment of choice.
Nursing Interventions for patients with AIDS -promote skin integrity, usual BMs -prevent infection -improve activity intolerance, nut. status -coping with grief and emotional isolation
Created by: Marshall3